Avionaut Ultralite*

*  Primarily the lightest

Our challenge was to deliver an ultra-light car seat, compatible with the newest iSize regulation…

…and the challenge is complete in the form of our Avionaut Ultralite™

Ultralite™ means extraordinary lightness. Weighting less than 2.5 kg, the seat is delightful to carry in hand by a parent.

But more importantly, it reduces collision impact force, which adds greatly to infant safety during car travel.

The first

The only car safety seat that is
so light and so safe at the same time.

Ultralite™ is one of the few car seats to-date comprising to strict iSize regulation.

iSize compatibility means excellance in child travel safety.

The lightest

In Ultralite™ every gram counts
to maximize child safety.

The weight of the seat was reduced by using new composite and carbon fiber.

It is foremost light, but more importantly very sturdy and shock absorbing.

Safe, for sure

Even the best car seat is ineffective
without proper installation in the car.

And this is what we excel in. You just click the seat in and drive.

The correctness of the rear-facing installation into ISOFix unit is signaled with sound feedback.

Iq ISOfix

Our patented single socket mounting
brings out the best in ISOfix system.

Our solution allows for the child belt to be directly plugged in into ISOFix base.

This innovation guarantees maximal benefits of the ISOFix system.

Because in Ultralite™ every gram counts


Because safety does not compromise on joy


The new standards in infant safety and practicality of daily use.

  • Dimensions:
    25 cm × 55 cm
  • Weight:
    < 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
  • Regulation: iSize
    Base: iQ ISOfix
  • Compatibility:
    45–86 cm / 0–13 kg
  • Colors:
    10 options
  • Upholstry:
    easy removeable
  • Materials:
    EPP + PP composite
    Memory foam
    Silky fabrics
    Carbon Fiber
  • Mounting:
  • Design: ergo:DESIGN
    Engineering: LOOKART

The unusual car trip

From the child’s point of view, a car trip is not just an ordinary thing. Passenger seats appear huge, the car itself – even bigger, while the parents seem to be so far away, in the front seats. Even the shortest drive turns out to be an expedition – a flight to the unknown.

We wish that every journey or short everyday trip is simple and comfortable. And we strive for your child to feel comfy and be safe when travelling by car.

As if it really was a flight. Even if the destination is only a few blocks away.

AVIONAUT driven by care

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AVIONAUT driven by care